New Development Leasing

Prime Realty Corp. is proud to offer our new development leasing services for your property. Our passion for satisfying all our client's needs have helped us become one of the most recognizable names in residential and commercial property management. Our years of new development leasing expertise have helped countless clients  We look forward to ensuring the financial success of your property. 

Our superior dedication and commitment to helping our clients allows us to provide them with superior new development leasing services. We understand how all of our clients want the fairest and most profitable lease agreements. Our lease contract experts will help you gain the most out of your new property throughout your ownership. From initial purchase through final sale, we are with you every step of the way ensuring your development stays prosperous for years to come. 

The Value Concept

A lesser known reason for the extraordinary price appreciation for some properties sold as New Development is the store of value concept. This means that the rental space where your business is will not decrease in value over time. Any business or product that indicates high perpetual value is considered a store of value. Many foreign nationals seeking protection from currency fluctuations purchase New York area commercial property as a "store of value." In the most general of terms, a store of value is something that retains its purchasing power moving into the future, like money or currency. 

New Development Leasing Experience

All of our professionally trained and certified leasing agents have years of experience in this field. We use this knowledge to create the best agreement terms for both buyers and sellers of commercial and rental developments. Our company works as a team to deliver the best results for you and your party. Negotiation is one of our specialties allowing us to give you the most cost efficient parameters in your leasing contract. We have worked with residential, commercial and office leasing agreements. Are you looking for new development sales help instead? We provide that for you too! We are field leaders when it comes to helping manage and run new developments across Long Island.

Don't let another day go by without having the proper information at your disposal. Call Prime Commercial today, at 1-844-774-6388 to discuss how we can maximize the value of your commercial property through our new development sales services. We are here to help YOU! Contact us today for more information about our new development sales services.