Commercial Property Experts

At Prime Realty Corp., you will get the best and most comprehensive services concerning commercial property. Whether you are interested in selling or leasing the property, our staff of experts will give you the advice you need. We have years of experience and understand the volatility of the market. Don't get lose money on your property and get stuck selling or leasing below what you want. Put your trust in us and let us handle your commercial property. 

Commercial Property Management Plans

Each client presents a new set of needs and challenges that are distinct to their own specifications. No two deals are the same, but they can be attacked in a similar fashion. We will develop a solid management plan based on your particular needs and region. This entails looking at the demographic, psycho-graphic, and trade in the area, as all those factors could play into the value of the property. Alongside this management plan, we will also develop a comprehensive marketing plan to increase awareness of the commercial property you are putting up for sale or lease. Depending on the property at hand, our plan will list it at market price or attempt to increase the tenants in the building. 

As this process unfolds, we will perform a lease analysis, which provides helpful information about the lease agreements of the tenants and lead to more informed negotiations for incoming tenants. Having more information about the property at hand is vital. We also provide a financial analysis, periodically, to inform you of some of the general expenses of the property. This way you have a better handle of the operations of the property and helps ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Income Management Services

You will also be privy to our income management services, as we remove the burden of day-to-day operations. You will not have to deal with the tenants yourself, which increases your time to handle other important matter. We will give you ongoing reports and data to inform your decision processes. We want your property to be profitable, and these reports are an integral aspect. Based on them, we can recommend different paths.

And by being involved in the process with you, you can focus better on other aspects of your business. You can establish what is important to you and your business and work on building it. We will handle the minutia.

Trusted Commercial Property Managers

Prime Realty Corp are experts when it comes to handling commercial property. Whether you are selling or leasing a property, our staff can help and give you great advice and management services and ensure you are making the most with your property. For more information about our management services and how we can help you, please contact us today. The number to call for our office is 1 (844) 774-6388. We look forward to helping you with all of your commercial property needs.